Download Avast! Free Antivirus 11.1.2241

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Avast! Free Antivirus is an efficient and comprehensive antivirus program. It is one of the most popular antivirus programs available, thanks to the reliable and trustworthy brand that Avast have created. The key features that continue to make Avast! Free Antivirus so popular are the easy UI, optimized scanning options and continuously updated database of virus definitions.
Simple, improved UI
The 2014 version includes a much simpler and quicker to use UI. Key features can be easily reached in the sidebar and the homepage is now customizable so you can access the tools you use most often directly. The overall appearance is clean and uncluttered, with buttons intuitively labelled and positioned.
Comprehensive Protection
Avast are constantly updating their database of virus definitions, meaning your computer will be protected against the latest spyware, viruses and potentially hazardous websites. Avast’s large and active community quickly alerts the development team of new security threats which are swiftly countered and added to Avast’s significant database. The browser add-on further improves computer security with features like cookie and social tracking blocking.
Avast! Free Antivirus comes with 5 standard scanning options based on depth and speed. Rapid scan will suffice in most cases - targeting removable media and the files you select, identifying security threats in usually less than a minute. A startup scan will launch automatically on boot up and is a useful, regular security check. The optimized scan engine in the 2014 version means scanning of text content is 10 times faster than previous versions. Scanning of EXE files is around 2 times faster. Improved memory usage means Avast! Free Antivirus should cause less strain on your system so you can continue with other tasks faster.
Avast! Free Antivirus is definitely one of the best free total security managers available. It is relatively lightweight and efficient, while still providing comprehensive security protection. The browser add on can slow browsing speed and the scanning might not be as detailed as some premium antivirus options. But the simple, effective UI and strong security capabilities make Avast! Free Antivirus a very good choice for those looking for free computer security.

Download CCleaner 5.11.5408

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Probably the most popular freeware cleaner globally with over 1 billion downloads since its launch in 2003. Piriform’s CCleaner is a quick and easy to use program which makes your computer faster, more secure and more reliable. CCleaner removes cookies, temporary files and various other unused data that clogs up your operating system. This frees up valuable hard disk space allowing your system to run faster. Removing this data also protects your anonymity meaning you can browse online more securely. The built in Registry Cleaner fixes errors and broken settings to make your computer more stable. The simple, intuitive UI and rapid but powerful cleaning make CCleaner a favourite among novices and techies alike. Professional, Network, Business and Technician Editions of CCleaner are also available for serious users.
A Faster Computer
Browsing the internet your computer picks up a whole host of unnecessary files, cookies and history. The same thing happens when you run most programs on your computer – lots of temporary files and settings are saved. CCleaner removes these unused files and settings to free up valuable hard drive space, enabling your system to run faster. The default settings only focus on typical junk files and locations so you’re unlikely to lose important information unless you alter these. A Startup Cleaner also helps you to identify and remove unused programs running in the background when you start your computer. This makes the startup time shorter and puts less strain on your hard drive throughout use. You can read more about startup support here.
Less Crashes & System Errors
If you notice lots of system freezes, error messages and often experience crashes, the chances are your registry become cluttered with unused files and broken settings. CCleaner’s fully featured Registry Cleaner identifies these issues and fixes them. The registry analysis takes seconds and cleaning just a little bit longer. Prompts advise you when to save backups to avoid losing important data.
More Secure Browsing
Advertisers and websites track your behaviour online with cookies. Saved passwords, cached data and internet histories make your identity less secure. CCleaner removes these files to make your browsing experience confidential, meaning you are less likely to suffer from identity theft and/or online fraud. The military grade Drive Wiper ensures any data you want to be permanently deleted, stays deleted.
Customisable Cleaning
CCleaner Tools and Options tabs allow you to customise cleaning options to fit your needs. If you are not a savvy user, you might want to stick with the safe default settings. Advanced users can uninstall unwanted programs, select which cookies to save, customise cleaning settings and setup system monitoring.
CCleaner has earned its position at the top of the freeware cleaners offering the sort of features premium programs struggle to compete with. The clean, intuitive UI makes it one of the easiest programs to use, but don’t let its size and simplicity fool you. This is a powerful utility for improving your computers performance. Piriform’s regular update process means CCleaner is constantly improving and its popularity will continue to grow.


Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1

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Lightroom is Adobe’s state-of-the-art professional photo development, manipulation and organization software. Lightroom’s powerful features enable users to transform RAW photographs into beautiful images of any kind. Sharpness, contrast, tone, white-balance and color can be adjusted in fine detail manually or through a large range of default and downloadable presets. Styles such as black and white, sepia, high contrast color and velvia are applied with one click. To organize photographs, Lightroom provides a concept of catalogues and collections that can include one or multiple images from various folders on your hard-drive or other media sources. The book module makes for easy creation of photo books or brochures which can be saved as PDF to be ordered at online print services. Lightroom is capable of importing AVCHD-Videos to extract single JPG images for further processing. Pictures with GPS data can be shown on its location on Google Maps.
  • Images formats: Camera Raw, DNG, TIFF, JPG, Photoshop (PSD) and others
  • Video formats: AVI, MOV, MP4 and others

  1. Title: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1
  2. Filename: Lightroom_5_LS11_win_5_7_1.exe
  3. File size: 957.34MB (1,003,845,736 bytes)
  4. Requirements: Windows Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
  5. Languages: Multiple languages
  6. License: Commercial Trial
  7. Date added: December 16, 2014
  8. Author: Adobe Systems Inc
  10. Homepage:
  11. MD5 Checksum: 8C5B651E0C6089F1807515E4F94DA378

Simple Steps to Remove Synced Picasa Albums from Android Gallery

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In order to use the Google Play store app on your android device, you will need to log on to your Google account. As soon as you login into your Google account, you will have almost all Google services in your device, including Gmail, contacts, bookmarks as well as your picasa web albums.
Sometimes it’s really good to have all of these backed up on phone, but not always, especially in the case of Picasa web albums. All the photos will show up in your android phone gallery. If you don’t like having those around, you can take these simple steps to remove the picasa albums from your Android gallery.
  • Go to Settings -> Accounts and Sync.
  • Tap on your Google account and uncheck the ‘Sync Picasa Web Albums’ option.
  • google sync
  • Now on Settings menu, go to Applications or Applications Manager and swipe to the third tab (All).
  • applications manager on samsung galaxy s3
  • Scroll down and find ‘gallery’ app. Open the ‘gallery’ app and tap on both the ‘clear data’ and ‘clear cache’. Don’t worry, your local photos and videos won’t be deleted.
  • Now go back to the gallery app and you will notice that the synced photos has been removed from your gallery.
If you have any doubts, watch the video below for the steps.

8 Best Free Apps for Your Android Wear Device

Nithu Vithu     12:24 AM    
The long-awaited Android Wear is finally here with a wide range of wearable devices running the new platform. While the devices were just launched two months ago, but a number of Android app developers have been updated their apps with Android Wear support.
These apps range from ones that improve personal productivity to something more personable, allowing you to track your spending and manage your money. Now, let’s see some of the best free apps for Google’s Android Wear.
  1. Wear Mini Launcher
    Wear Mini Launcher is the first Launcher app for Android Wear. It displays an app drawer with all the apps installed on your smartwatch that lets you quickly launch apps by simply tapping the respective icons. If you have a lot of apps installed, this can make it easier for you to find the app you’re looking for.
    To use the app, you need to install it on your smartphone. While the smartwatch is still connected with your phone, open the app on your smartwatch to launch the app grid for the first time. Swiping right to the top left side of your smartwatch will open the app drawer where you will be able to see all the apps that are installed in your wearable.
  2. wear mini launcher screenshots
  3. IFTTT
    IFTTT, short for If This Then That, is one of the best Android Wear apps available in the market today. The app allows you to set rules to perform a specific function if an event happens. For example, you can tell it to send your phone a text message when you receive an email from your significant other, or automatically uploading photos to Dropbox that you post to Instagram. Of course, there are dozens of other things you can do with it which is what makes it so powerful.
  4. ifttt for android wear screenshots
  5. Wear Aware – Phone Finder
    Wear Aware – Phone Finder is a very useful tool for your Android wear watch that can help you locate your phone when it’s out of sight.
    With Phone Finder, your smartwatch will start vibrating and buzzing on your wrist when you’ve accidentally left your phone behind. It also allows you to activate an alarm on the phone so you can locate it easier. It’s great for those times when you’ve lost it and do not remember where you put it.
  6. wear aware phone finder screenshots
  7. RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk
    By default, Android Wear has integrated step-counting support but Runkeeper takes that a step further by offering more detailed stats. It provides at-a-glance run tracking info right on your wrist – the travel distances and detailed progress and stats during and after the run.
    You can also start tracking a run with just a voice action, and even see the calories you’ve burned.
    runkeeper gps track for android wear screenshots
  8. Evernote for Android Wear
    Evernote is a powerful note-taking app that’s now compatible with Android Wear devices. With Evernote for Android Wear, you can create a note with simple voice commands or view a note from your watch.
    You can also check off to-dos by tapping your smartwatch, as well as add new checklists by speaking the to-do name. You can even search for a specific note right on your watch using voice commands, and you get automatic alerts on your watch when you set a calendar event in Evernote.
  9. evernote for android wear screenshots
  10. Level Money
    Level Money is a personal finance app that can help small business owners track their spending and manage their money. The app shows you your last transaction as well as how much spendable money you have left in your budget.
    You can also set a daily spending limit which you update every time you make a purchase. This will helps you stick to a strict budget.
    To get started, just link your bank account or credit cards to the Android smartphone app. The app will automatically track your income, savings and recurring bills, then show you your “spendable” cash, so you know how much you can buy that month, week or day. Level Money also links to Android Wear devices so you can view your spendable balance and transaction right from your wrist.
  11. level money for android wear screenshots
  12. Lyft
    Lyft is an awesome app that lets people call for a ride from their Android phone, and now from the watch. With this app, you can get a cab to one of your saved locations without having to use your phone. Just simply ask the app to ‘call me a car’ and a Lyft driver will be on your way. The app will send you notification about timing and approaching drivers. If you’re looking for a quick ride, then this might be helpful to you.
    However, this service is currently only available in most major U.S. cities (check the full list here). So if you are living outside the US then this is not the right app for you.
  13. lyft for android wear screenshots
  14. Duolingo
    Duolingo is the best app to learn a new language, and the app is now compatible with Android Wear. It will help Android Wear’s user to recognize if the words are pronounced properly and help you improve your language skills.
    This app uses voice, multiple choice and text translation in order to help users learn new languages in small and interactive lessons. It’s totally free and contains numerous exercises for each course. Duolingo currently offers courses for 31 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. For anyone who wants to learn a new language, Duolingo is the best free app to download on your android wear watch.
  15. duolingo for android wear screenshots

Facebook Messenger Updated with Voice Message Support for Android Wear

Nithu Vithu     12:23 AM    
After WhatsApp released a beta version for Android to support Android Wear devices, Facebook has also pushed an update to its Messenger app for Android that adds support for Android Wear.
The update brings support for voice messages directly from an Android Wear smartwatch, so that you can immediately respond to your friend’s message by talking to the watch. And if a voice message isn’t feasible at the moment, the messenger app also lets users send a “thumbs up” or “like” response to any message on the app.
Earlier the app only displayed phone’s notifications, but now you can read, like as well as reply to messages on Facebook with this app.
facebook messenger on android wear smartwatch
Since the Android Wear uses swipes to switch between the features inside an app, you can just swipe to access voice messages, like with a big thumbs-up symbol and more. You can also mute conversations right from the smartwatch’s notifications bar.
The updated Facebook Messenger app is now available on the Google Play Store.

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